Hello! I'm Alex.

I write code and teach people stuff.

Sometimes, I do both at the same time.

I hope you appreciate that my hair matches my website colour scheme.

I'm a full-stack developer who specialises in creating delightful, high-performance web applications with React and Node.js. I have 5 years experience building apps, games and tools for the web.

I've been teaching & facilitating as long as I've been coding. I've run courses on web programming for beginners, taught business executives to build their own IoT devices, and introduced 7-year-olds to game design.

Previously, I created Erase All Kittens, a game that teaches children aged 8+ how to code. You should have a go! Over the last few years, E.A.K. has introduced hundreds of thousands of children to coding.

I'm currently available for part-time freelance work as a full-stack developer. I can also offer workshops and training on front-end performance tuning, GraphQL, and React.

Get in touch! 🦄